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September 27th, 2011

This research project focuses on three dimensional fluid motion modelling using hybrid vortex particle method on GPU and was a main part of my master thesis.

The fluid motion modelling methods are divided into two main branches — grid based methods and particle based methods, which are connected with later used discretization, numerical and computational methods. In order to simulate flow, usually the fluid body is discretized into particles (SPH methods — used eg. in NVIDIA PhysX) or it’s domain is covered by grid or mesh. Vortex particle method is quite new and uncommon technique for simulating flows, where into the particles the vorticity field is discretized. In this project slightly modified version of the vortex method was implemented (hybrid method), using algorithm presented in H. Kudela’s publication. Three dimensional flow was implemented, where fluid was selected as incompressible and inviscid.

Vortex rings collision

Project was written in C/C++, NVIDIA CUDA interface was used for GPU computations and OpenCL for rendering. To speed up computations on CPU, the SONY Vectormath library was used, implementing vector-matrix operations using SSE instruction set. Vorticity equation was solved on mesh using finite difference method in Fourier domain, where Fast Fourier Transform operation was provided in FFTW (CPU) and CuFFT (GPU) libraries.

The results of the research were published: Roguski Ł. and Deorowicz S. “Fluid motion modelling using vortex particle method on GPU“, Studia Informatica (2013) Vol. 34, link.

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