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September 27th, 2011

bullnet is a simple interactive network physics simulation, where main logic is processed only by server application.

The main game logic and physics simulation is implemented only server side. Clients communicate with central server, sending interaction requests with parsed input and world data, receiving only simulation results. The received results are in the next step processed by clients and are ready to display.

Server console running

Data processing is divided into two threads both in client and server application. One thread is always handling network communication using UDP protocol. The next thread handles all necessary logic. In client’s application second thread mostly handles user input, processes received simulation results and renders world, where in server’s application — simulates world and processes received clients’ data.

Client's world simulation results

The project was written in C/C++. For thread management was used pthreads library. Physics simulation was implemented using Bullet Physics library. Rendering was done using OpenGL and window/io management using SDL.

The source code is available >here< and binary (win32) >here<.

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