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September 27th, 2011

rConsole aka ‘retro console’ presents a simple old-school gaming device.

My aim was for create a very simple gaming device using rather low-budget elements with preserving an old-school style. It uses AVR ATmega16 clocked @ 8 MHz as main controller, the main program is written in C using AVR Studio environment. The hardest part was to find good LED displays with big buttons to keep the retro style 😉

Logic design

The block diagram above shows the idea of hardware implementation. The LED 8×8 matrices (LTM2388RGS) are connected to micro controller ports A,B and C using three 74HC573 buffers, which stores the row/column data and provides a proper current output/input level for matrices. Port D is used for user input handling.

Final result

The final console design may not be as good as Nintendo DS or Playstation Pocket, but it’s still fun to play 😉

Project files including schematics and program source can be downloaded >here<

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